RDL IT Consulting and Service

Flexible contracts

Worry-free maintenance on your schedule

 Our maintenance contracts give you the peace of mind that all your systems are healthy and secure. When maintenance happens the way it should, you won’t notice a thing. The technology that powers your business just keeps on running, problem free.

Convenient, remote maintenance

We perform maintenance remotely, which means we can take care of your critical systems without interrupting your operations.

Maintenance service menu

We offer a wide range of services that protect you from performance problems, server failure, security breaches, and data loss. Our maintenance menu includes:

  • Comprehensive system health check
  • Operating system, server, network, and security updates
  • Data integrity check
  • Data archiving
  • Capacity allocation

Frequency: Once a month or any time

Maintenance is more effective when it is done on a consistent schedule. We offer discounted monthly maintenance contracts to keep your critical systems performing as they should.

We also provide maintenance services on an as-needed basis at our standard hourly rate.