We manage IT while you run your business.

Most businesses prefer investing growth to buying new office technology or hiring IT teams. And many business owners believe IT is something they can do themselves, whenever they can get around to it. But a DIY approach to IT can be risky, because:

  • You may not have time to keep up with security updates and patches, which can lead to a security breach or even permanent data loss.
  • You may not have the expertise or undivided attention to troubleshoot network problems or a server crash, so your business stays offline for hours or even days.
  • You may supply businesses that require their vendors meet certain security, privacy, or disaster recovery standards. Noncompliance can cost you big contracts or even lead to legal action.

 IT on demand, when you need it

We provide IT services for your small business needs, when and how you need it:

  • Maintenance: Need help keeping up with updates, patches, security fixes, or backups?   LEARN MORE ►
  • Consulting: Are you a startup, planning a new branch office, or growing fast?   LEARN MORE ►
  • Set up and installation: Do you need to upgrade your IT environment? Are you moving to the cloud?   LEARN MORE ►
  • Troubleshooting: Need help now?   LEARN MORE ►
  • Support: Are employee requests for tech support absorbing too much of your time?   LEARN MORE ►

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